Protect Your Vehicle and Have Metal Carports Built

Classical Style

Classical Style Metal Building

Classical style metal buildings are best known for the distinctive rounded corners at the roofline, and all sheet metal runs in a standard horizontal direction.

Perfect for carports, RV covers, and sheds, and very economical!

Add options to close the sides, ends, and extra leg height.

Add accessories to complete your look and function with walk-in doors, garage roll-up doors, windows, and more.

View the Accessories Page for a full list of accessories as shown.

Tip: Sides = Length and Ends = Width

Boxed Eave Style

Boxed-Eave Style Metal Building

Boxed-eave style buildings earn their name from the square corners at the roofline. All sheet metal runs in a standard horizontal direction and comes with a special box trim for a sharp finish and excellent curb appeal.

Great for carports, garages, and sheds next to your home.

View Options List to close sides, ends, and extra leg height.

Add accessories as shown to include walk-in doors, garage roll‑up doors, windows, and gabled ends.

Accessories will complete the look and function of your Castle Metal Building.

Vertical Style

Vertical Style Metal Building

Vertical style buildings are best for added strength, as additional hat channels and square tubing are needed for the building frame.

This additional framing allows for the sides and ends sheet metal to run in a vertical direction. This adds a clean, traditional look while adding strength to your Castle Metal Building.

A perfect heavy-duty building for residential and commercial needs alike.

Note: Sides=Length and Ends= Width

Add options to close sides, ends, and extra leg height.

View the Accessories Tab to add a finished look and functions to fit your needs. With the vertical roof, it is easy to add skylights! Also, add accessories such as walk-in doors, garage doors, vents, insulation, closure strips, flashing, and more!