Safeguard Your Items and Have a Metal Garage Constructed

Located in Kemp, TX, Castle Metal Buildings Inc. constructs metal garages that provide you with additional storage space for your vehicles or seasonal items. Our team is committed to delivering superb quality service.

Strong and Economical

The steel-framed structures’ roof runs in a vertical direction, which helps in keeping it clean. On the other hand, the sheet metal for the sides and ends run in a horizontal direction, which creates a more economical building.

This style is the baseline model for a more upgraded look for both your residential and commercial building needs. Additionally, it is helpful to note that the vertical roof direction allows for the skylight accessory.

A Variety of Options

Complete the look of your garage by adding walk-in or roll-up doors as well as five-star-rated insulation products. We offer a selection of choices for you to enclose the sides and ends of your garage. You may also extend the leg height of your building.

Tip: Sides = Length and Ends = Width

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