RV Covers & More

Providing Sturdy and Competitively Priced RV Covers

Either for recreational use or out on the lease a durable RV or Camper Cover is an investment you will never regret. Our Different styles allows you to determine what best meets your needs depending on the use and geographical layout of the land. RV covers are most common in our Classical Style but can also be constructed in Boxed Eave Horizontal Style Roof or traditional Vertical. All three roof options can accommodate for
lean-to's; Fully enclosed, Storage combo or roof only to be attached on sides for extra storage or protection from the elements.

Classical & Boxed Eave

Classical Style RV Covers are most popular and cost effective due to the orientation of roof panels and shoulder roll design of the truss which gives extra clearance at the inside wall height.

The boxed eave style gives you the A-Frame design along with the Horizontal roof which does not require steel purlins making it economical with curb appeal easy to blind in with surrounding homes or structures.
Both Style Roofs have water run-off end to end due to panels running horizontal length wise.

Vertical is the way grandpa used to guild reason being why Castle calls it "Traditional Vertical Style".
As Texans we understand that the natural soil shifts all season here. The vertical reinforced roof makes it easy to extend in the Future is maintenance free and provide the ease of mind that your Recreational Vehicles are secure from our blink of the eye weather patterns.

Boxed Eave Style

Vertical Style with Lean-to